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To create a short film which displays an honest, raw and realistic view of dementia and the difficult challenges it brings to individuals and family relationships. The film is to be used as a training tool for professionals, adult carers and young carers throughout the UK so it is important that it is realistic and also has a positive twist when appropriate.

What we produced

A scripted piece which tells the story of Brian & Sue and the battle they face because of Brians dementia. The film displays a number of difficult situations that a carer will have to deal with including shaving, washing, family relationships and going to the loo. The film subtlety indicates to carers how to cope in challenging situations and that, amidst the challenges, the two individuals are able to reconnect with their past at certain times and that all hope is not lost. Families face huge pressure because of dementia, the film inspires carers to keep going and to not give up.