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Eagle Radio


To create an informative careers advice film for young people interested in a career within the industry. The end product will give 14 - 19 year olds an insight into the music broadcast industry, what the benefits are, what skills you need and how you get into the industry.

What we produced

A 90 second careers advice film which is engaging, fast paced and informative giving 14 - 19 year olds an insight into the music broadcast industry. We ensured that key interviews were with young & enthusiastic employees to keep the audience engaged. The project was commissioned as part of a local authority youth engagement contract, the film was therefore co-produced with a small group of NEET young people.

What they said

"Eagle radio were delighted to work with the Community Film Unit as we passionately believe in offering young people experiences like this where they can learn and apply new creative skills. The arrangements and plans were very well managed by the Community Film Unit meaning I knew what to expect and could very easily manage things from the business point of view. When the film crew and group of young people turned up, we were greeted by a professional and well trained outfit who were fun and well mannered at all times. I am really happy with the final product which is a great careers advice film about the music broadcast industry and overall we are just glad to have been involved in this worthwhile initiative."