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Foundation for Community Dance


To record a series of case studies which highlights the success of 6 disabled community dance leaders from across the UK. The main objective was to create an educational, artistic and inspiring resource to support the next generation. It had to focus on their physical, creative and emotive journeys through their careers and present them as positive role models to other disabled people.

Lastly an original soundtrack was requested by the client. They knew what kind of atmosphere they wanted to invoke within the video so specific artistic direction was given for this project.

What they said

“The Community Film Unit were every bit professional during and after the filming process. We had a very specific creative vision which they adhered to and were proactive in helping us to achieving this aim. We are entirely happy with our film and look forward to working with the CFU again soon”

What we produced

An 8 minute video which displays the journey of 6 disabled dance leaders. The video features a range of professional dancers talking about the effect that different disablities have had on their career and their opportunities as dancers.

The sound track for the video was made in collaboration with Composer Sandy Dobson to create a subtle but powerful soundtrack that evolved and adapted to each dancers movements and personalities.