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Surrey Future


Create a documentary film which acts as part of a large local authority bid for a national government grant (£2 million), which informs various national stakeholders and grant funders about the proposed approach to managing congestion.

What we produced

A 4 minute film focusing on the key areas in Surrey and how congestion affects the local community including local businesses, local authorities, local people and what the proposed changes are for the future.

What they said

"We asked the Community Film Unit to put it together at very short notice and they did a great job editing the interviews and finding shots of the congestion in Surrey.
They were really good at putting people at ease and getting them to make their points in succinct sentences which would work in the film. We showed the film at a conference and this one short film helped us get our points across really clearly. We're going to use the film to bid for funding for road schemes to ease congestion in Surrey. We know the film will add weight to our bids so if they are successful it will have paid for itself many times over."